My Services

Nutrition Detox

I offer a 30 day nutrition detox. This is not a diet, though many of my clients loose 1-2% body fat per week. I offer daily counseling, create your road map, and provide support to keep you on the right path. On this detox you will avoid foods that cause inflammation, or are common allergens for people. After 30 days you will be leaner, you’ll sleep better, and your skin will glow. Inquire about pricing here.

Personal Training

Personal training is most effective when bundled with a Nutrition Detox. Personal training is offered per session, in a 10 session pack, or bundled with a nutrition detox or health/wellness coaching. Inquire about pricing here.

Health and Wellness Coaching

This package is customized for every client. This spans multiple months to ensure long term success. Often, this includes a nutrition detox, personal training, transitional/long term nutritional guidance via RP Clients, weekly wellness classes, and behavioral modifications to ensure the the new found wellness remains for a lifetime. Inquire about pricing here.

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What my clients say

I knew Jacquelene was going to be a wonderful coach the moment she stepped into my gym. She had the extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise I required of all my coaches, yet it was her compassion and empathy that set her above from the rest. She had an uncanny ability to make a true and meaningful connection with every person she met, and it was obvious to everyone how much she truly cared about helping her clients set and reach and their goals. My only complaint is that she had to move away!

Tai Randal CrossFit Level 4 Trainer

Jacquelene takes the time to really understand what I need, and doesn’t use a one size fits all approach. As a masters athlete with a history of injuries, I have to be careful and can only be pushed if it’s done intelligently and empathetically. Jacqui has the knowledge and patience to coach someone like me. She is engaged and attentive and really wants me to succeed.

Julia Scherschlight

Jacquelene has a wealth of knowledge in the area of fitness and wellness. She loves making people a better version of themselves. Her patience and calm demeanor is just what you need when you hit a wall during your journey. She is so motivational and is quickly able to get you back on track. Thanks for your help Jacquelene!

Allycia Joseph